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Tara Baker and Nathan Geering - Lustrum Showcase 2013 © Sara Teresa

Yorkshire Dance is a charity which champions the value of dance and its development in Yorkshire.

We create opportunities for people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities to see, make and take part in high quality dance.

Read our latest Annual Review from the last financial year.

Artistic Statement

We work with dance makers who’d like to change the world, however big or small. We’re passionate about supporting artists who ask questions of themselves, their work and of the world. We want to help them research those questions and we encourage local people to get involved in that process if and where relevant. 

It’s important to us to share the power of decision making with people, participants and artists. We support dance makers to develop dance leadership in a number of ways; curating spaces, programmes of work, driving artistic projects, running courses or businesses.  

It’s important to us that dance reflects the current experience of being alive with honesty and with courage. This might mean taking risks and experimenting with new ideas instead of reproducing previously held ideas about what is allowed or what is beautiful.

Dance is exciting when people performing can be themselves regardless of their culture, age, ability, training or their background. Dance can be very powerful: it can make you feel much happier, healthier, connected, visible, empowered or confident and we think everyone should be able to try it out. When you teach dance or make new dance, everyone should be fully included and treated with respect.

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