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Ageless Line Up (so far)

Our upcoming Ageless Festival is absolutely jam packed with performances, workshops, talks, classes and film. See below for the line up announced so far…

You can get hold of tickets for Ageless Festival here. 

Friday 25th October 

Ageless Class with Robbie Synge
Fri 10am-11am
at Yorkshire Dance


Ageless Class with Elsa Perez (for all ages and abilities)
Fri 10am – 11am
at Yorkshire Dance
Come & enjoy Carnival and Party dances from various countries with Elsa Perez. Dances from Cuba, Colombia, South Africa, Trinidad, Peru, Argentina, Mexico.


Ageless Class with Jo Fong
Fri, 10am – 11am
at Yorkshire Dance
Taken from Jo’s research and performance called Ways of Being Together, Jo will lead a playful, interactive movement session for people who love to move.


Ageless Talk with Emily Bradfield and Laura Britten 
Fri, 10am – 11am
at Yorkshire Dance
Emily and Laura are two academic researchers investigating dance programmes for older adults. This talk will explore ideas and research around participation, connection and wellbeing, by delving into experiences of participating in community dance programmes.


Ageless Welcome (for everyone)
Fri 11.45am – 12:30pm
At Quarry theatre, Leeds Playhouse
We invite everyone to a warm Ageless welcome where you can meet some of our speakers and guest artists and familiarise yourself with how the festival will work. Our Ageless welcome invites provocations from Liz Aggis and Galit Liss.


Sara Lindstrom
Dancing on my own series (1-2-1 video installation)
Fri and Sat, times vary,
at Yorkshire Dance
Dancing on my own is a film celebrating the simplicity and complexity of dancing. During Ageless, you are invited to join Sara Lindstrom for a short 1-2-1 dance, which will be filmed, edited and shown at the end of the festival.


Ageless Talk with  Alan Lyddiard, Cecilia Macfarlane, Three Score Dance Company
Fri 1.30pm – 3.30pm
at Yorkshire Dance
This talk explores how we develop the artistry, ambition and vision around dance with older adults. How do we shift from ‘community’ to ‘professional’ and what does this mean? How do we recognise progression routes for those coming to dance later in life? How do we value participation and what challenges our expectations?


Gila Workshop – Movement and Performance Art for mature women with Galit Liss
Fri 1.30-3.30pm
at Yorkshire Dance
The name Gila, which in Hebrew means age, joy, and discovery, reflects the spirit of women who choose to dance at any age, and contains the joy and discovery that contribute to a life of vitality. Incorporating imagery, biographical, and brain plasticity exercises as an integrated movement practice, ideal conditions are created for curiosity and creativity to blossom.


Yorkshire Dance and Rubicon Dance – dancing the small moments – portraits of dance in residential care
Fri 1.30pm- 3.30pm
at Yorkshire Dance
Yorkshire Dance in conversation with Rubicon Dance will share films, research and discussion about the impact of dance in residential care homes.


Dirtz dance Theatre – Nonna(s) don’t cry
Fri, 4.30pm – 5.30pm
at Yorkshire Dance
Nonna(s) don’t cry is a poetic homage to the process of getting old and an invitation to broaden our different perceptions on
generations. A solo that transforms quietly into a physical dialogue between two women of different age, between two generations, between the past, the present and the future. Nonna(s) don’t cry decomposes the borders between puppetry,dance and physical theatre and reveals to the spectator another dimension of reality.


I wish this dance would never end – Riccardo Buscarini
Fri 4.30-5.30pm, 7.30pm-8.30pm
at Leeds City College
Bring your dancing shoes and join us in this immersive performance in which two performers invite you to take part in famous dance scenes from iconic movies by Federico Fellini, Vittorio De Sica, Dino Risi and Luchino Visconti. Both a show and a party, I wish this dance would never end is a playful and, at the same time, nostalgic tribute to the golden age of Italian cinema.


Liz Aggiss -The President’s Wife is Still Dancing
Fri, 7.30pm
at Yorkshire Dance
Join Liz Aggiss, ‘enfant terrible’ of the bus pass generation, and a shamelessly unapologetic funny feminist, in a three tiered event featuring; an extract from her current touring hit and Edinburgh Festival Total Theatre Award winning show Slap and Tickle “spectacularly devoid of ordinariness or political correctness” (theatrebubble): a scratch presentation from her new work Crone Alone: and a selection of ridiculous anecdotes from her ‘life on the road’.


Saturday 26th October 


Ageless Class with TC Howard
Sat, 10 – 11 am
at Yorkshire Dance
Inspired by the newly devised ‘A Tree, A Tub and a moment in Time’ – this intergenerational class celebrates the joy of moving together, finding connections and being playful.


Ageless Class with Tamara McLorg
Sat, 10 – 11am
at Yorkshire Dance
In this class, designed for more mature adults, Tammy will talk about the creation of her work and explore through gentle movement how our personal histories can be brought to life through dance.


Ageless Class with Cecilia McFarlane
Sat, 10 – 11am
at Leeds City College


Ageless Talk with Liz Aggiss, Galit Liss and Claudia Moore
Sat, 10-11 am
at Yorkshire Dance
Dance and our relationship with age
This talk explores how our own relationship with age affects what dance we make, what we have to say and how age is reflected in the dance industry.


Celebrating Participation Performance and post-show discussion
Sat, 11.45am- 1.30pm
at Leeds Playhouse
We are delighted to present three performances that celebrate the participation of older adults in dance. We warmly welcome ThreeScore Dance Company from Brighton, Dance Six-0 from Salisbury and a local cast of people from Leeds.

Dance Six-0 present ‘Head in my Bag’ a work by Liz Aggiss
See this bag? Well… this old bag holds many secrets…
With a spit of techno, punk and rock ‘n roll, ‘Head In My Bag’ dumps age centre stage and kicks preconceptions into the long grass. Pushing the boundaries of what’s expected of older people’s dance.

ThreeScore Dance Company present: a new work by Yael Flexer bringing artistry that embraces life experience to the stage.
Presented by performers all aged 60+ and following commissions for the Brighton Dome and performances at Elixir/Sadler’s Wells and more, ThreeScore are embarking on their first national tour.

Yorkshire Dance present ‘Beige’ – a tounge-in-cheek, playful look at getting older and challenging stereotypes. ‘Beige’ was created as a  local mass dance to celebrate International Day of Older People.


We are Now an Intergenerational Workshop with Hannah Buckley
Sat 3.20 – 4.30pm

at Yorkshire Dance
We Are Now is an intergenerational project that celebrates intergenerational exchange and women.This workshop will create space where women of all ages can come together, move together and have fun together.Come with your children, your grandchildren, your nieces, your friends, or come solo!


A Tree, a Tub and a moment in Time and post show discussion
Sat, 2.30 – 4.30pm

at Yorkshire Dance
A Tree, a Tub, and a moment in Time is an interactive unique dance theatre performance created for residential care homes by TC Howard. Featuring two dancers and a live cellist, this beautiful immersive performance invites you to make discoveries, connections and invite the outside in.


Beyond the Marigolds with Moving Memory Dance Theatre
Sat, 2.30pm – 4.30pm
at Leeds College
This workshop demonstration will introduce Moving Memory Dance Theatre’s use of digital resources. You are invited to explore the development and application of ‘Doris’ – a  piece of digital kit used in participatory ‘Moving Well’ sessions. ‘Doris’ supports the creation of performance material, empowering participants as creators. The workshop will include a video presentation of the inter-generational project, Love Grows, and a live performance of an excerpt from Beyond the Marigolds.


Moving Kinship Workshop with Beatrice Allegranti
Sat, 2.30pm – 4.30pm
at Leeds College
In this workshop, Beatrice will disseminate the Moving Kinship methodology through embodied practices. The aim of the workshop is to introduce audiences and participants to an ethical and sustainable co-creative process of dance making – where choreography is re-imagined as ‘material for life’.


The rest of our lives – Jo Fong and George Orange
Sat, 5.30 – 6.30pm
at Yorkshire Dance
The Rest of Our Lives looks at two middle-aged lives in an eclectic, spontaneous, predictable and random decline.  Jo is an old dancer, George an old clown. The Rest of Our Lives avoids a mid-life crisis and asks ‘where do they go from here?’


Ageless Solo Platform with post-show discussion
Sat, 7.30pm – 8.30pm
at Yorkshire Dance
We warmly welcome three exceptional soloists who have contributed locally, nationally and internationally to dance.

Claudia Moore – a force on the Canadian dance scene since the 1970’s presents ‘In Her Eyes’ – a triptych comprised of 3 solos created over a 10-year period. Whilst the solo’s are unrelated, Claudia invites the audience to respond to the images, feelings and/or story they might conjure.

Namron – a trailblazing British dancer and one of the founding members of both The Place and the Northern School of Contemporary Dance in Leeds presents ‘Coming to England’ and ‘Missing’. Namron uses movement to tell the story of himself Coming to England over 60 years ago. As a part of the Windrush generation Namron details the thoughts and feelings of a 13-year-old boy flying for the first time from Jamaica to London. ‘Missing’ is a poignant reflection on the loss of those close to us, created in memory of both his late father and son.

Tamara McLorg – former Artistic Director for Dundee Rep Dance Company (now Scottish Dance Theatre) presents an autobiographical solo titled ‘The Chairs Were Moved To Give Me Passage.’ First performed at The Kathmandu International Solo Festival with support from Yorkshire Dance Residency Programme.

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