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Advanced/Professional Level Contemporary Dance Class

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Tutor: Martin Henson (Martin Henson DANCE)

Clothing: Loose comfortable clothing that you can move in eg tracksuit bottoms

Venue: Yorkshire Dance

Cost: £6 per session

  • Thursday 7:00 pm (1hr)


    w/c 15th Apr 2024 - w/c 15th Jul 2024

Advanced/Professional Level Contemporary Dance Class

Embark on a journey of artistic mastery with our professional-level contemporary dance class, designed to challenge and inspire seasoned dancers while welcoming those with intermediate experience seeking to elevate their craft. Rooted in the fluidity of Cunningham technique, our sessions seamlessly integrate diverse influences, reflecting a fusion of tradition and personal insight. Expect an immersive experience characterized by expressive dynamism, technical rigor, and an exhilarating pace charged with performance energy, all while maintaining a fluid adherence to technique to extract the utmost potential from every dancer.

This class transcends mere instruction—it’s a captivating exploration of movement artistry. Immerse yourself in inspiring melodies as we delve into the depths of performance expression.

Bonus Offer: Attendees of this class are eligible to join our Tuesday Improver’s Class at no additional cost.

Secure Your Place:

Reserve your spot through the provided Eventbrite link or contact Martin directly at 07534 896327 or via email: martin211270@hotmail.com

Attire Recommendations:

Choose attire that allows for unhindered movement—opt for loose, comfortable garments such as jogging bottoms paired with a breathable t-shirt. Whether in socked or bare feet, ballet shoes, or lightweight dance footwear like jazz shoes, prioritize ease of movement to fully embrace the fluidity of our practice.

Refund Policy:

Please be aware that ticket refunds will include Eventbrite fees, as Martin Henson DANCE is responsible for covering these expenses even in the case of a refund.

Parking Facilities:

Convenient parking is available at the Victoria Car Park, just a stone’s throw away from our studio.

For any inquiries or additional information, do not hesitate to reach out to Martin at 07534 896327 or via email: martin211270@hotmail.com.

Join us at Martin Henson DANCE and elevate your dance journey to new heights.

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