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Tango course for Advanced

Tango Summer 2023

How to book

Come down to the venue, or call the box office on:

0113 243 8765

Tango is a sophisticated and elegant dance created through a beautiful connection between partners moving together with the music. It is fiery, passionate and dramatic, yet the connection between the partners is one of softness and caring.

In our beginners tango classes you will learn to dance appropriately to the emotion and dynamics of a tango, which is an extremely important element to learning tango. A good dancer is one who transmits the musicality and rhythm from the music to their dance, which is one of the key aims of these classes.

Our Tango advanced course will cover a range of techniques and elements of Tango, including: improving the posture and specifically the ‘Close Embrace’ to be able to create a soft connection with your partner. Refining the technique for leading and following to be able to create more fluidity.  Improving the ability to dance dynamically on quicker timing with more styling. Learn more figures in Tango – milonga – vals, and more adornments and decorations for followers.

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