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Dance Partner Projects – Round 3

Tue 3 July 2018
Part of: Dance Partners
Merrick Surman and Gary Winters in Grace Surman's Untitled - Yorkshire Dance - July 2017 © Sara Teresa

After a further round of tough decisions, we are excited to announce that we will be working with Hannah Buckley, Grace Surman & Gary Winters and 70/30 Split for the third round of our Dance Partner Projects.

They will have the opportunity to research and develop their project ideas over a 12-month period, with dramaturgical and producing support by our Artist Development Producer, Tanya Steinhauser. They will also have access to studio time, an intensive professional development opportunity and receive a co-commissioning fee of £500.

Hannah Buckley will be developing her research project We Are Now, celebrating intergenerational exchange and women. She is interested in the complexity of human co-existence and finding ways to question social structures of oppression, focusing on female experience in her work.

Hannah will be furthering her practical research of We Are Now by establishing two new movement groups with women from different backgrounds over the next six months. We Are Now will look closer at empowering and giving space to women and girls, questioning the age segregation in our society and providing positive counterbalance as well as making women more visible.

Grace Surman and Gary Winters are embarking on the creation of a family show together with their daughter Hope and son Merrick. They are setting out to further explore the need for children to play and take risks, and to take a political standpoint against the current state education curriculum favouring numbers and targets. Grace and Gary’s aim is to create a comedic, physical and anarchic show for children that connects with a child’s way of thinking and amusement.

Lydia Cottrell and Sophie Unwin of 70/30 Split create frank, up-front and satirically observant performance work.

With their recent project bYOB, 70/30 Split are embarking on a new direction and choreographic journey, exploring what it is like for two women to create a work with and on four men, exploring masculinity and male physicality. They will be learning traditional folk dances while pondering European Heritage.

Yorkshire Dance is thrilled to continue supporting these 5 Yorkshire based artists closely in the development of their exhilarating, new performance work through the Dance Partner Projects programme, now in its second year.

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