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Yorkshire Dance reveals brand new look

Wed 12 April 2017
Yorkshire Dance pattern by Split Design

We’re very pleased, after months of covert planning, to reveal our new look.

The launch of this re-brand is the culmination of the process we began six years ago when we changed our business model to become a focused, effective dance development organisation.

Created by Split Design, a small studio which specialises in creative-led graphic design, the visual overhaul includes a new logo, a new website and even a new purpose-built font.

The new font, Bauman, is named after Zygmunt Bauman (1925-2017), Professor of Sociology (and later, Emeritus) at University of Leeds, and internationally celebrated as one of the greatest social thinkers of our times.

It is based around the shape of a pentagon – itself inspired by the five-petalled white rose of Yorkshire – and representing the five areas of Yorkshire in which we operate.

The new logo is brilliantly brought to life in a short animation by Leeds-based creative company, Hungry Sandwich Club, and appears in the six colours of Yorkshire Dance’s new palette; orange, pink, turquoise, yellow, black and white.

The gradual process of installing the new branding around our building began this week and will continue throughout the spring.

Wieke Eringa, our Artistic Director, says, “I’m thrilled that our new logo and overall visual identity now properly reflect the values which underpin all of our work.

“We’re committed to supporting work that is artistically innovative and challenging, and work that is highly relevant, accessible to and made with diverse local communities. It was important to us that our visual identity was created through a process that reflected and embraced these two crucial, contrasting and complementary sides to the work that we do.

“It’s also been a great pleasure to work with such talented creative organisations from our own home city, Leeds, and we’re very grateful to Split Design and Hungry Sandwich Club for their amazing work.”

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