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Peter’s Story

Wed 6 December 2023
Part of: Dance On
News Image: Peter in Epic Everyday, TC Howard & Company of People (c) Elly Welford (20)

Peter is a keen dancer and joined Dance On after his Ceroc classes ended leaving him without a regular dance class.

“It gives you purpose to get up and, you know get out and about, rather than sticking in bed or sticking at home by yourself. Good for your wellbeing. Very important when you get to a certain age to keep moving. Use it or lose it.”

He attends all the Dance On socials and is a keen performer. In 2019 he joined the Dance On flashmob, Beige which surprised shoppers in the White Rose Centre. Earlier this year he donned his disco attire Dance On’s Boogie Wonderland at Leeds Playhouse.

Peter explains why these performance opportunities are important to him:

“I enjoyed Beige. I really enjoyed it. Different people, different groups coming together. You’re meeting interesting people aren’t you. 

The thing is, what I like about dance most of all is you don’t have to know the language, do you? That’s what I like about it … People from all walks of life.”

This year Peter took the plunge and joined our Company of People. He performed Epic Everyday at Leeds Playhouse. Peter explains the huge impact Dance On performances have had on his life.

“I feel, I feel good. I feel buzzing. Yeah. I feel, you know, lifted. Energy lifted and everything.”

 Shared experiences and having fun are needed more than ever at the moment. That’s why we’re asking you to help us raise £1,000 to bring the hundreds of older adults, like Peter, who attend our Dance On classes together in 2024 for 3 social and performance events.

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Image: Peter performing in Epic Everyday (c) Elly Welford

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