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Supporting Independent Artists

Wed 5 April 2017
Part of: Artist Support
Lucy Haighton sharing at Yorkshire Dance, Feb 2017 © David Lindsay

This month we are reflecting on a financial year in which many independent artists have thrived. The ‘snapshot’ of our work with artists is rather extensive! Suffice to say, we are really pleased with progress made by Akeim Toussaint Buck and Grace Surman, whose show Mother Load is presented as part of Transform Festival later this month.

Also a big congratulations to Vanessa Grasse for the next phase of Mesh, “exploring how a participatory choreography for a large group can show the need of interdependence and collaboration, testing new ways to invite audiences and passers-by to physically join in to create a ritual of togetherness through streets, art galleries and shopping centres.”

During 2016-2017 we supported Lucy Haighton, Raised, Kim Oakley’s Street Beat and Bradford Dance Network with strategy, fundraising and production.

Sketch artists Chris Owen, Simone Kenyon & Neil Callahan and Phil Sanger & Azzurra Ardovini (of Sardoville) received dramaturgical support.

Gillie Kleiman, Adam Young, Grace Surman, Amy Bell, Lydia Cottrell and Sophie Unwin developed their curatorial practice as part of the Artists Curating Dance project.

In October, Juncture Fellows Hannah Buckley, Sam Lawrence and Rachel Clarke had a chance to work alongside three Juncture artists Lucy Suggate, Nicola Conibere and immigrants and animals to develop their practice and in January we supported Pro Dance Leeds, together with 3 other dance organisations, to provide professional classes whilst bridging their funding gap.

On a more general note during 2016/2017, 54 independent artists attended 4 Dance Transports workshops and we provided 190 days of residency space to 48 artists; 721 hours of standby space were used and we conducted 120 one-to-one advice and guidance sessions with artists.

We are in touch with approximately 100 artists and we take stock regularly of how limited resources can have maximum impact. So whilst we are balancing our role as a broad sector support organisation with one driven by a particular artistic remit, I hope you join us in celebrating this rich, diverse and vibrant dance community in Yorkshire!

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