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Re-Imagining Liveness – Dance Transports

Dance Transports presents Re-Imagining Liveness with Gracefool Collective - 4 biweekly sessions for 6 artists, to explore the concept of “liveness” in performance. 

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About Re-Imagining Liveness – Dance Transports

Title page photo: Esther Manon Siddiquie in piece for a large room, photo by Emma Pratte.



“Re-Imagining Liveness” with Gracefool Collective, João Maio and Esther Manon Siddiquie responds to the changes we have witnessed in the past months – not just as artists working in an industry which relies on live performance, mass gatherings and physically being together, but also as individuals who rely on closeness and coming together for our wellbeing, creativity and playfulness.

We find ourselves in a new reality that relies on working, creating, moving and communicating through a screen. With the oversaturation of online content and overwhelming screen-time, the experience of performance can feel very similar, despite how wide the online offer is.

With this, what happens to liveness as we know it? –  to the work that exists in the non-digital world and to the human relationships that come with it.

We want to bring together a wide group of artists and create a space for conversation. We want to discuss, provoke, innovate and create. We want to respond to the question; how do we continue to create, cultivate, curate and experience liveness in these times?


The project will consist of 4 biweekly sessions – 2 of these being facilitated by guest artists/scholars Rebecca Schneider and Zinzi Minott, and 2 hosted by the project’s team, where participants can check-in and reflect.

The sessions will take place on: 2nd September, 4th September, 9th September and 11th September (all 2.30pm – 4.30pm). 

Each artist will receive £200 each as a contribution to attend all 4 sessions.

Find out more, including how to apply here .

Find out more about Gracefool Collective and the other guest artists here.


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