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Remember you can always contact us directly with your questions. Please email Ione Barton on ionebarton@yorkshiredance.com 


Who can take part in RE:FRESH?

RE:FRESH is aimed at children and young people aged up to 19, or up to 25 for young people with a disability, but anyone can get involved – parents, siblings, friends and loved ones of all ages are all welcome! We will be showcasing work created by and with children and young people.


What happens if my group is not able to get any footage together by the deadline? 

The deadline of the 31st January is just for the Expression of Interest – this is so we know how many groups want to showcase work, and whether groups need any support in order to create or share their piece. It doesn’t matter if your piece isn’t ready yet, or even if you haven’t even started making it! As long as you can get footage of your piece to us by the beginning of March, we will be able to platform it as part of RE:FRESH.


What happens if I can’t finish my piece by the beginning of March?

We will showcase ‘Works in Progress’ as part of the RE:FRESH platform – a specific performance ‘slot’ for pieces which aren’t quite finished yet. Once we have received your Expression of Interest, we will contact you to find out how you would like your piece to be showcased.  


Can I send an Expression of Interest for more than one piece?

Yes, you can put forward multiple pieces per group. If we have capacity to showcase all pieces then we will, but if not then we will contact you directly.


What happens if my piece has to change from the information on the Expression of Interest I send in?

No problem – if you have any changes just contact us to let us know so we can update the information! The only exception is if you are wanting to change your music to something which is copyrighted, which can be problematic. If this is the case, get in touch and we can discuss a solution. 


What happens if the current lockdown restrictions continue?

RE:FRESH is a fully digital festival, so events can be accessed online – from workshops to Q&As to showcases! If you needed to attend your school or dance group in person to access the online events and are now unable to, please get in touch and we will do our best to help.


How do I join in with the RE:FRESH events?

Some events will be openly accessible on Instagram or Facebook as a live feed, whilst some you will need a login code, or specific link to access. Where this is the case, you will be asked to ‘sign-up’ for the event and we will send you the access details. 


What is the minimum and maximum length of a piece of work? 

Pieces can be a minimum of 1 minute and a maximum of 7 minutes.


Can spoken-word be included in my work? 

Spoken word can be included – please avoid swear words and explicit language.


Do I have to use music?

Artistically, your piece can look and sound however you choose – as long as it adheres to current Covid-19 restrictions.   


I don’t have a fancy camera to film my piece, what should I do? Can it still be showcased?

Please don’t worry if you don’t have any high-tech camera equipment to film your piece! Most smartphone cameras are a good enough quality for your RE:FRESH footage. If you have any concerns just get in touch!


Remember you can always contact us directly with your questions. Please email Ione Barton on ionebarton@yorkshiredance.com 

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