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Event type: Performance
Brink Dance Company - Cenobyte - Burst 2016 © Sara Teresa Part of: Friday Firsts | Working with Artists

Fri 5 May, 7:30pm

£8.00 to £6.00

Venue: Yorkshire Dance

Presented by: Yorkshire Dance

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0113 243 8765

Event Details

Celebrating our thriving student dance population, this unique evening showcases some of the most promising new graduates ready to unleash their creative energy on the professional stage.

Experience the diverse talent being nurtured in higher education, with its wit, passion and intelligence.

Tora Head
Between Horses

Between Horses is an ongoing research project that Tora began in 2016. It looks into the moment when familiarity becomes disturbed and new patterns are needed. Experimenting with the memory of touch, intensity, intimacy, and compassion. The space within the body is a raw space, distorted, seeking and holding forgotten dreams.

Emily Snow
The Dawn

The Dawn comprises the notion of time and the shift between dawn and twilight. It portrays time standing still, in a state of solitude, and it exhibits human life in its state of flow, evolution and movement. We explore ways of seeing and perceiving the world.

Katy Hewison
Sketch of a Sketch

Using detailed and eloquent movement to form captivating relationships within a subtle, entrancing duet. Sketch of a Sketch builds, shifts and tests the sensitivity in the room, an experience which evolves, creating connections alongside the performers.

Maria Popova
Where you see me

Where you see me is a solo excerpt from a work in development that is rooted in Improvisation Research. The work is playful and free flowing, reflecting the process in which it was conceived and created. The solo gives the viewer a flavour of the movement vocabulary explored whilst focusing on habitual patterning and the construction of the body in space. The intention of the solo is to begin to explore how the abstraction of the body effects the viewers semiotic reading of the human form.

Diogo and Carl
How Far Can We Go?

Me and you. We both sail in the same boat.
We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, strong and safe. We see each other as a helm which leads us into safe waters.
We shared experiences, but different journeys.
I dreamed with you little sailor.
I saw you again.


Alice Lapworth
It’s Not Me, It’s You

It’s Not Me, It’s You explores the concept of love and how varied it’s perception is. This dance theatre performance is inspired by the pressures of modern city life, through the work highlighting how physically close we are to one another but so emotionally distant through play with space.

Daniel Lukehurst
The Tides

Set to an original score by Lukehurst himself, The Tides takes a look at the 7 stages of grief, the silver linings and implications that it holds for all those involved. Lukehurst explores this through high physicality, choreography and his own original musical composition. Only the first 4 sections of this performance
will be shown tonight.

Tom Scholey

TIP is a short solo choreography created by allowing my bodies weight to be the main influence guiding the generation, development and structuring of the movement. Throughout the piece there are flourishes of movement learnt from previous training in Tricking, Breaking and Parkour.

Tom Dunn and Travis Robinson

This piece is a duet that explores the space between street and contemporary. It fuses the stylistic qualities of the two and encompasses the aural structure to create a new hybrid movement language that we have called ALPHA.

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