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Encounters | Saturday Film Screenings

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Sat 11 Feb, 2:00pm

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Drop in throughout the day and watch three short films by Es Morgan, Monika Błaszczak, Martyn Garside and Owa Barua. Suitable for ages 16+

‘to feel something tipping, under and towards you’ by Es Morgan
“In this continuously looping online film, I invite you to join me in an imaginary domestic space. To pause with me in a precarious intimacy. How might our bodies be warped, or even merge, in this moment of encounter? ‘to feel something tipping’ charts a cyclical process of emergence and disappearance, of breathing, of being with others and being alone. It weaves together deeply textured poetry and movement, exploring visibility, dormancy, and trans embodiment.”

‘Soliloquy at the Atacama Desert’ by Monika Błaszczak
Monika Błaszczak is a Polish-Łemko queer artist working in the field of expanded choreography. In November 2022, Monika Błaszczak participated in the La Wayaka Current residency in the Atacama Desert in Chile.
During their time at the Atacama Desert, Błaszczak focused on deepening their long-term project Soliloquy, investigating the intersection of choreography, somatics and hauntology. At the
desert, Błaszczak asks: what kind of ghostly dancing is possible and necessary on a planet undergoing death/rebirth?

‘RANT’ by Martyn Garside and Owa Barua.
Rant is a moving image piece, made in collaboration between Martyn Garside and Owa Barua. Text, movement, installation and film share the choreographic process. The relationship explored between the artists and their practice create the experience that is RANT.

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