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No Dress Code

Event type: Performance
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Fri 22 Nov, 7:30pm


Venue: Yorkshire Dance

3 St Peter's Square,
Quarry Hill

This event is Pay As You Feel and you can make a payment on the day. Tickets need to be booked in advance.

Presented by: Yorkshire Dance

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Event Details

No Dress Code is our new scratch night of exciting works-in-progress by Yorkshire-based dance artists.

In this informal sharing you, and the rest of our friendly audience, will be invited to give anonymous feedback on the work shown.


This is a Black Improvisation by Alexah Tomey-Alleyne

Moving. Sweating. Whining. Slipping. Snaking. Locking. Popping. Experiencing. Bumping. Grinding. Twisting. Shaking. Slithering. Winding. Circling. Slapping.

This is a Black Improvisation.
This is Black Fashion.
This is Black Music.
This is Black Moving.
This is Black.

‘This is a Black Improvisation’ opens a space where the potentials of ‘blackness’ are limitless.

This performance is my blackness…

it imagines and then reimagines my blackness.



Inscribed in “Me” performed and devised by Alethia Antonia

This is a space for…
the imprint of experience
the inscription of trauma
the reading and rewriting of self

This is a space where…
“I” enter and exit
“I” say and “I” listen
“I” search within a palimpsest
“I” let you see “me”



Flip-Flop by Steph and Louisa


Steph is a comedian and Louisa is a dancer, and in this brand new show they explore the relationship between these two disciplines. They’ve spent the last few months teaching each other their respective skills, and working out the relationship between jokes and movement. Can a pirouette be a punchline? Can Steph shake it with the best of them? Can Louisa tell a joke? Well yes, obviously. They’re amazing people.



This Incoherent Body by Jake Daniels

This Incoherent Body, is simply me and my take on being and moving, using my practice, often I am passively engaging with the world we encompass through watching, looking, feeling and listening, feeling some more and thinking but how does that translate into physically figuring out shit.

Our bodies are passively connected to the ground in which we walk the landscapes which enclose us, connected through change, internally, externally, through a yearning, we exist in various places on, in and beyond our bodies. Our fluidly morphing body’s wilt and rise, melt and bloom through watery strength and crumbling foundation. we are coherently incoherent.


Seperated at Birth by Zoe Katsilerou 

Separated in Birth  is a piece that plays with the idea of the womb as the first place where all humans lived, as a means of discussing the similarities between us, and a collaboration between Zoe, Eilon Morris (actor-musician, composer and independent scholar) and Judith Adams (writer).

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